Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Saturday David took the boys to the Children's Museum for the Chinese New Year celebration. I was home with a horrible migraine and throwing up, but David did a video chat with me so I could see the wonderful Chinese performances of singing, playing instruments, and a dragon dance. While they were at the museum Isaac's tooth fell out. I'm sorry that I missed it, because I was so excited when we discovered that it was loose on Friday. I never thought I would get so excited about a loose tooth. I asked Isaac what he thought the tooth fairy would bring him and he said a gold coin. Then he asked to see the gold coins that I had from when the tooth fairy visited me. I told him the tooth fairy brought me quarters. He asked if they were special quarters. I don't think we had special quarters back then.

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  1. Exciting! I love that smile! I hope that you are feeling better.


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