Monday, May 5, 2014

Follow up with Nolan 5/5/14

My mom woke up with a fever, Isaac had a cough, and Nolan still isn't eating. I called the office for a follow up for Nolan right at 8 and they had an 8:45 available across town, so we packed into the car as fast as possible. The doctor checked out Isaac, and he's fine. My mom should see her doctor tomorrow if she still has a fever. As for Nolan, he fine too with the exception of diarrhea from the antibiotic. So everyone is back to school tomorrow and we'll see how it goes.
The doctor did inform me that he will probably have more seizures again and that we should give him Tylenol and Motrin at the first signs of a cold and such so that if he does develop a fever it will rise slowly. The fever rising rapidly is what causes the febrile seizures. Most children that develop them between the ages of 2 and 3 continue to have them until the age of 5.

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