Thursday, September 11, 2014

PSG President

Last night I had our first public PSG (Parent Support Group also known as PTA or PTO in other schools) meeting at Nolan's school. At the end of last year the director of the developmental preschool approached me and asked me if I would be the president next year. I knew they needed a new president and decided that I would do it if they asked me but would not volunteer myself for the position.
So far this year, which has only been a month, I have learned a lot on what needs to be done differently next year. I've also learned that every PSG has one difficult person. Things had been going smoothly until this difficult person became a part of it. I do not like conflict or drama so my anxiety has been through the roof the last few weeks. On top of that I have a huge fear of public speaking. I know what you're thinking, a teacher with a fear of public speaking? I'm very comfortable in front of a large group of children, but put me in front of other adults that I don't know and my face turns red and I start talking extremely fast.
Back to last nights meeting, the difficult person did not show up and we had a great turn out of moms that want to help. It turned out really well.
I've been putting in a lot of hours into this position and I'm hoping that once I get all these volunteers set up I can back off a little. So far this is a rewarding volunteer position but I also was looking forward to getting our house organized. Currently the exact opposite is happening at our house. Poor David didn't have an clean underwear for a couple of days.

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