Sunday, June 28, 2015

South Carolina State Capitol

South Carolina is the only state to have a memorial on the state house grounds for African Americans and I loved it. I was beautifully done and a wonderful way for me to explain to my children their journey. 

This painting stands out because of the beach background when most of the others have a dark background. 

A SC poet that looks like Poe, but is not him. 

SC's mace. I believe it is the only state that still has the original

Andrew Jackson's painting was gone for restoration at the time but he was born in SC so SC claims him. After he was born the state lines moved and his birthplace now stands in NC. So NC claims Andrew Jackson. 

This statue is surround by a bench to try to cover up the damage it sustained when a crane malfunctioned and let it tumble down the stairs in front of the state house now long ago.

Isaac is touching Washington's cane where it broke when Sherman's men came through Columbia. 

We found were the cannon balls hit the state house. 

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