Friday, July 10, 2015

Leogland and Legoland Hotel

We spotted a lego pigeon. 

A legoland specialty. 

The wall of minifigures that can be traded. It's a little tricky though. You can trade for any under the orange line. The ones above are kraggled to the wall. 

Isaac had just traded for a knight and then we ran into one. 

There was a dance party in the elevator as soon as the door closed. 

Right outside our room. 

The cool bathroom, with a little toilet seat too. 

A very cool whoopie cushion.

A "knightly" battle.

A torch I want David to make.

We visited Duplo land for Nolan and Isaac made the most of it. 

Something Isaac wants for Christmas. 

Nolan was playing this game the entire time we were at the store, unfortunately it doesn't work with any of our devices. 

This was the hotel's public bathroom. It was so cool and even tell you how long to wash your hands when you are washing them. 

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