Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ease Back into Teaching!

This is how things tend to happen with me. I'll start doing a little research on one thing and it leads me down a path. Like our summer trip was just to visit Julie in Miami and then it turned into a month long road trip seeing all the sights.
So I was doing research on private schools because somethings have been happening in Isaac's class that I wasn't happy with, but that's another story. Then I was looking in to open positions because we would need my income in order to pay for private school. So then I was looking at the school I used to teach at and they had a perfect position open. So then I applied on a whim. Side note: I randomly apply for positions every couple of years. Within 24 hours I got a call back and an interview with the position offered to me! Another side note: David was out of town and I had to text him to give me a call. With this position I work from 7:10-2:10 so I'll be back to get Isaac off the bus, but David will need to get the kids ready and off to school in the morning. The position is the building substitute. I'll be a floater that works in the office and goes into classroom for an hour or so if the teacher has a dr. appt. or something like that. If the teacher is going to be out all day then they will use the substitute service for a daytime sub. This position has been open for two months. They told me they were waiting for someone like me since this position works with everyone in the school. I start Monday and so far this seems like it was sent from God. There was one opening at Nolan's preschool for Tue/Th as well. Just to many coincidences surrounding this event that I know God is talking to me.

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