Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break!!!!

We went to Provo, Utah for my Spring Break and Easter. Julie made a fabulous pot roast for Easter dinner. We had hot pot with Julie and Jason one night. Hot pot is like an Asian fondue. It was pretty good, since you get a buffet for the items you want to put in the soup.
We went skiing at Sun Dance one day and got massages the next. This was my first time skiing out west and I found that I don't like going to the top of the mountain. Since there are no trees at the top I feel like I could just slide off. In the 4th picture there's a picture of me and a sign in the background that reads Amy's Ridge. I was not going any where near the sign because I was sure I would end up sliding off the mountain or onto a black diamond slope.

We also visited Park City.

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