Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This morning I felt like I was drowning, just to much to do and needing help to do it. Now I am tired and hopeful. Today I tried acupuncture for fertility, I'm not ready to take the drugs and want to try something different. I believe the woman I went to has a side job as a fortune teller. After I told her that I had a miscarriage and took fertility drugs to get pregnant, she said, "You have low progesterone." Then she asked me to stick out my tongue. After just glancing at it she said, "Don't eat any more sugar." How could she know that I have been eating Easter candy? Then she checked my pulse and said, "You are very tired." How could she know that I haven't had a good nights' sleep in at least two weeks?

She told me to lay down and she took off my socks and rolled up my pant legs. Then just started putting needles into my feet, ankles, and legs. I immediately closed my eyes. I had no idea she was starting because we were just chatting. Then she put some needles in my hands, arms, stomach, and head. She put one in the top of my head and one on my forehead.

She then put heaters on my stomach and feet. After about five minutes I thought she was taking some out but I looked and there were still needles in me. After about five more minutes she came in and once again I thought she was taking some out, but I looked and there were the same needles. I guess she was either turning them or pushing them in more.

Over all it didn't hurt. It was like a little prick when she put them. I was relaxed when I left, but I guess anyone would be relaxed in they just had needles taken out of them and forced to lay down and still for 45 minutes.

Afterwards I asked her how many treatment I would need and she answered, "Four more treatments and you will be pregnant." We'll see.

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