Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Coach and Dorito!

Yup, they have the same birthday just different years.

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  1. Your pets are super-cute. :-)

    You recently posted on my blog, so I am now here checking out yours. I have read your archives and learned a little about you. Unless I missed it, here is a suggestion: Apparently taking an extra folic acid supplement, like the prescription Folbic, can counteract some of the issues seen with blood clotting factors. If you have read my blog, you might know I tested positive for one copy of the MTHFR gene. This has been connected to clotting issues, but it is not 100% proven whether only having one copy contributes to the problem. I pretended it was, took the Folbic, along with a progesterone supplement starting 3 days after ovulation, and with much effort, I now have Ainsley. We are well in the swing of trying again and so far, I haven't had good luck. So I guess we will see. Maybe you could ask to see if you could take those extra supplements, *just in case*. Can't hurt, I guess.



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