Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Uncle Feron

When I was in high school a great uncle of mine took me to the Wrigley mansion for a wonderful dinner and showed me around his home island of Catalina. I had the best salad I had ever had that night, I still remember how wonderful the baby shrimp taste. I loved hearing his story of how he started the first grocery store on the island, and how he dug out under his house to make a vault to hide his money and valuables. He even took me to the vault to find a piece of jewelry that was his late wife's that he though would be perfect for me. When he couldn't find the pendant he was thinking of he gave a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring that I now where instead of my wedding ring (still have a few pounds to lose before that will fit again). Even though I only took one trip out to stay with Uncle Feron, he had a lasting impression on me. I still have his business card. I can't wait to share his story and show Isaac where our family built the first grocery store. A few years later he attempted suicide by drinking alcohol and taking pills. He was in a lot of pain at the time. Elder suicide is a not talked about, especially considering how taboo the subject of suicide is.

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