Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry Christmas to me

I got a couple of Christmas presents delivered this week and love them! First up is a Maytag washer and dryer that got delivered this evening and they have already done 3 loads of laundry. Isaac loves the dials and that he can see the clothes getting washed and dried. This wasn't supposed to be a Christmas present, but it is a huge upgrade from the Summer Infant video monitor we have. The range on this thing is amazing, it can handle up to 4 cameras, it doesn't have bright lights that keep me up at night, huge screen, and more. We got it from so we could try it out and take it back easily if we didn't like it, but I love it. So we will be purchasing an additional camera from Amazon. The next test for this system is to see how it cycles through the different camera feeds.
It's funny because David saw this at Sam's Club last year and thought it would be a good baby monitor and he was right. It makes perfect sense really, a portable security system. I'd done a lot of research on video monitors that take more than one camera and wasn't happy with the reviews of any of the baby monitors. They all seem to have issues of some sort. Our Summer Infant video monitor has had problems with range (it struggles with range from Isaac's room to ours) and the volume dial (we've had it two year and it's worn, therefore it goes out at times). My only con so far is how high the volume can go. I like to crank it up when I'm in the shower and this one is limited to a 20, when I keep it on 11 at night. It's hard to say how well this one will work two year from now, but I love it and the reviews that I've read from others that use it for a baby monitor love it too.

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  1. david is a smartie. cool baby monitor. also useful for seeing if toys really come alive at night a la toy story.


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