Saturday, December 4, 2010

Toddler Bed

David and Isaac disassembled the crib and put together Isaac's toddler bed. Isaac had so much fun helping dada and using dada's tools. They did this just before bedtime last night and while David bathed Isaac I put his room back together. When he walked into his room after the bath he went running into the bed. He was so excited that he wanted to so straight to sleep naked. Isaac slept all night in his bed! In fact I'm sure he slept better than me because I kept checking the video monitor to make sure he wasn't about to fall out of the bed.
Naptime today went ok, he went straight to bed and fell asleep but ended up falling out and waking up rather abruptly. So far tonight things are going well, he did get up to get a book to take to bed with him but he's asleep now. Thank you Mama and Baba for the Curious George sheets, I'm sure they are helping with the transition. Thank you Mom for the alphabet quilt, it fits the bed perfectly. Now we just have to teach him to stay under the covers.
The last picture is of Dorito under the twin bed during the construction, he doesn't like change.

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