Saturday, August 20, 2011

Easy Super Yummy Focaccia Bread

I wanted to make grilled veggie sandwiches for dinner the other night but discovered that I didn't have any rolls, just sandwich bread. So I went to google and asked for an easy focaccia bread recipe and found this It turned out better than I expected! Used some of our fresh rosemary. It was fun to see the yeast reacting with the other ingredients. So easy and neat to see it turn to bread by just stirring a little. Then pounded it out to make it smooth and coated it in olive oil. Isaac enjoyed the left over flour on the counter. And Dorito enjoyed Isaac making a mess. Then let it rise, topped it with rosemary and parm, and cooked it.

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  1. hey martha, that looks delicious. yuuuum
    (like martha stewart.)


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