Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It never occurred to me...

that my wonderful husband might not be so wonderful one day. We've been having some talks around here about a third child, adoption, and a child coming to stay with us for awhile. It's always been a dream of mine to adopt a child, which would mean a third child for our family. To which David answers, "I don't want a third child." This is hard for me to accept because I have always followed my dreams, but I won't leave my husband just to follow a dream. (But I am praying that God works on David in this area.) Which led us to another conversation. I told David he's a good husband and father and I won't leave him. His response was, "I need to know that you aren't going to leave when I'm not a good husband and father." WOW, that was a moment that I never thought of. It was like a renewal of vows, because I did say for better or worse four and half years ago.
Just for kicks God gave me a little test on Friday. David had been planning all week to go fishing after work, but I found out our neighbor babysitter was going to be home alone of Friday. So I asked him to come over at 8:30 so I could surprise David with a date night. I did tell David that we would be going out at 8:30 but didn't tell him where. WELL, David comes home from fishing a little after 9. At first I was furious, then I was just hurt. Now I'm forgiving. We aren't perfect and I should have gotten to the forgiving part earlier, thanks for the lesson God. I'm so thankful for my husband in the good times and bad.

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