Friday, November 11, 2011

Digger Man

Isaac has a slight obsession with construction equipment. So Pawpaw took him for a ride on his digger. Isaac was so excited and confident that as soon as he was on he started steering and pulling on levers. He has a great time and was very serious. After he got off he went to check out the tracks and where he dug. He even collected a few rocks, which are still in my car and I'm not allowed to touch them. The last picture of his face is when I asked him if he had fun. So stinkin' cute. We've been reading a book about a boy that plans on buying a digger and drive his baby brother around. I guess this book convinced him that he was old enough to own a digger, because he was a little upset when we didn't leave with the digger. He truly thought it was his. Since then we've read Digger Man everyday several times a day.

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