Friday, November 11, 2011

Trip to Greenville

This trip made me want to live closer to home. I loved seeing all the various grandparents loving on my boys and giving them so much attention.
I used to play with this wooden firetruck at G-ma's house when I was a kid.
Isaac's favorite past time was raking leaves with Grumpy. They did this everyday, several times a day.

Nolan loved discovering every one's faces, especially the guys that had hair on their face.
Isaac loved eating cake, jumping in bounce houses, and trying to get strangers to into bounce houses with him at cousin Olivia's birthday party.

Isaac also loved looking at Granny's 'treasure.' He's ask to see it everyday. Mom- he's still saying up and down all the time.

He also had a great time cheering on the Gamecocks with Grumpy. Their is now a play called the chip play, based on Isaac's enthusiasm during that play while eating chips that resulted in chips all over the couch.
He also discovered my old dollhouse.
While I was packing up the car for us to go back to Indy. Grumpy and Isaac pushed Nolan around.

Isaac, Nolan, and I drove down to SC in just 11 hours while it was pouring rain. We left at 1pm after picking up Isaac from school and got there at midnight. I was so very thankful for XM radio, a DVD system in the car, Isaac's portable potty, and that the boys slept. Isaac was dry the entire way there. While there Nolan got G-ma, Granny, Grumpy, and me sick. The way back had wonderful weather but did not go as smoothly. Nolan ended up throwing up all over me and himself and at one point I had to tell Isaac that we weren't stopping anymore and that he would just have to pee in his diaper. Not a proud mom moment, but at the rate we were going we weren't going to get home in less than 12 hours and I pretty sure he was telling me he had to potty just so he could get out of his car seat. None of us wanted to be in the car anymore, which is why Nolan cried most the way home. The next day Nolan cried when I put him in his car seat to take Isaac to school.
Even through all of this I'd do it again. I'd much rather drive than fly for many reasons, taking as much stuff as we want, DVD system, portable potty, stopping when we want, and so on. I'm pretty sure that if we did fly, we'd have to make an emergency stop due to the amount of vomit Nolan produced. Yuck.

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  1. Looks like a great trip...minus the pukies. Hope everyone is feeling better now. Missed you at MOPS on Friday.


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