Thursday, December 8, 2011

Excited about speech

I've been on the edge of tears the past few days.

When I went to observe the development preschool class yesterday the first thing I noticed was that the kids there are giants. It turns out he will be in a class with other children that are 3-5 years old. I then noticed that they were reading a book about Santa Claus and the kids were answer questions. These kids were answering questions like they were in first grade. They then went to work on handwriting and do another lesson on Santa Claus. I noticed when they were working on handwriting two of the boys started playing swords with their crayons because they had finished the activity. The teacher then got on to them and they stopped. This made my heart break. There is a reason I picked the preschool I did, because it focuses on social development and has lessons geared towards Isaac's age along with a strong foundation in Christianity. I think the developmental preschool is a great opportunity for Isaac to get ahead academically but not necessary at this time.

In his preschool right now they are learning colors, shapes, and about God, not words, addition, and Santa Claus. I've been praying a lot about this decision because although I see it as a great opportunity I don't feel like this is the right way to address his speech problem.

So thankfully I have a friend that her son went to developmental preschool and I reached out to her for some information and she made a recommendation for a private speech therapist. I had already contact Riley Children's Hospital to get the ball rolling with them since they told me it would be a few months before we would be seen. While on the internet last night I was researching the private speech therapist and emailed her. Within 15 minutes I got a response! She called me today and we'll be meeting her next week. I am soooo excited and feel like God is answering my prayers and sending us in the right direction. This speech therapist has given me so much hope and I can't wait for her to finally diagnose the problem and give me instructions on what to work on with him. This is the pricier option but I feel like it is going to be worth it.

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  1. I am sure this was a hard decision for you guys to make, but I am glad you feel at peace with the decision! Praying the therapist will be a good fit for Isaac!!


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