Thursday, February 21, 2013

Funny Story

I know I'm behind on blogging. I've got some great posts for you guys, just need the time. Nolan will have his surgery tomorrow, something happen with the doctor's family and they had to reschedule everything.
For now I'll give you a funny story to hopefully hold you over until I can get more posts up. After putting Isaac to bed I noticed on the monitor that he was still sitting up in bed not really doing anything. Usually he rearranges his blankets or reads books. So I go in and talk with him. He tells me he ate a Pez and his teeth are going to rot. Side note he put the Pez in his bed to hide it from Nolan. The also had a flosser in his hand. He then started flossing his teeth and asked me if those were sugar bugs on it. So we talked about dental hygiene. Fast forward to the morning. Isaac usually comes in my room and announces that he has to go potty and proceeds to my bathroom. This morning he announced that he had to look in the mirror. And I knew it was to see if his teeth had rotted. He then told me he ate the rest of the Pez candies.

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