Friday, August 15, 2014

My blog

Since it's my blog I can write what I want, right?
Wrong. Although I only get a call once or twice a year from family telling me I should take down a post.
I often think about my audience when I post pictures and thoughts, and while I'd love to share with you the crazy drama that has been going on as of late. I feel that I can't. I will share with you the miracle of a woman named Hazel. She has been described as "mean as a snake," but perhaps she has reason to be. I don't know much about her life because I cut ties with her when I was 14, but that's another story. I learned so much about country life from her, gardening, canning, moonshine, deer hunting, snuff, biscuit making from scratch, etc. Some good memories, some bad, but all things that have helped shape who I am today.
Well, Hazel, my dad's mother, has lived a hard life, not exactly healthy and has health issues for as long as I can remember. Monday she stopped breathing and while EMS was tending to her, her heart stopped. I was told that it wasn't looking good for her, so I was ready to jump on a plane to support my dad. Then she started taking breaths on her own and in the morning she was fully conscious. A miracle! (This is the shortened version.) The other miracle is my dad started talking about God, which I have never heard before. He has always said things happen for a reason and well, I think this has all happened for a reason.
Side note: I love talking with the older people in our families because I love hearing their stories. Hopefully when Isaac and I got to visit Hazel in a couple of week I'll get to hear those stories. Come to think of if I think my love for older peoples stories started with Hazel taking me "visiting" with her. Visiting is when you go visit with older people in your family and community.

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