Sunday, August 31, 2008

21 weeks

Baby gulps down several ounces of amniotic fluid every day, both for hydration and nutrition and to practice swallowing and digesting. And, these days, those taste buds actually work! Studies show that after birth, babies are most interested in tastes they've already experienced through amniotic fluid. Meaning, think about what you want your future child to eat as you prepare your own lunch.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Preparing for battle!

Guitar Hero on the big screen. I hope you're ready.

Anderson Orchards

We enjoyed trying various types of apples, apple cider slushies, and picking fruit. Here's David picking a Blue Plum.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Aug. 22; 20 week ultrasound

When we first looked at the ultrasound, Buster was holding his toes! The tech then verified that he is still a boy. She was then able to find all the parts of the brain, his kidneys, and stomach. Wow! He's a healthy boy.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cake Wrecks

I came across this hilarious blog I found myself laughing out loud as I was looking through their older posts. Can you imagine having this cake at a little kid's birthday party?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I think I love you

I have had back pain right in the middle of my back and haven't found a way to relieve the pain. My doctor suggested physical therapy and David suggested lowering the number on my side of the bed. Last night was the first night I didn't toss and turn from the back pain. Yeah!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Go Colts!

The biggest window ever.
The biggest sunroof ever.

Who is this guy? David knew he famous because he was signing autographs, but we don't know who he is.
My first NFL game!
The view from our seats. Not bad, considering we were 10 rows from the top.
The view when you walk in.
Bye, Bye RCA Dome.
Hello, Lucas Oil Stadium.
Unoffical Colts band?


The woman that I am substituting for passed away this morning. I am in complete disbelief. She had a hysterectomy 3 weeks ago and we were told that they removed all the cancer on her cervix. My first year working here, she was the only special education teacher that was not new. So she had to teach all of us new teachers the ropes. She was only two years away from retirement. I just can't believe it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

20 weeks

Baby's digestive system is busy creating meconium (a tarry black substance made of swallowed amniotic fluid, digestive secretion and dead cells), which will fill the first diaper after birth. And, speaking of the diaper situation... baby's genitals are now fully formed!

Mei Tai

I've decided that I am going to attempt to make a mei tai baby carrier. I really like that you can carry your baby in the front, back, or hip. I've found some great patterns online and a great website Make Baby Stuff.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I called in sick Wednesday after waking up with a headache, extremely tired, and a backache. I ended up sleeping the day away. Not sure if it's jet lag or working. I haven't called in sick in years.
I decided that I don't enjoy this job right now and told the principal that he needs to find someone else but I'll continue to work until he finds someone. All I do is sleep when I'm not at work, the inside of our house looks horrible. I'm actually looking forward to vacuuming and sweeping.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spoke too soon

In an earlier post I said how nice it was to start out the year in a room that was already set up, but I spoke too soon.
I came back to school today after having 3 days off and was informed that I have 8 more kids (which means my caseload doubled), and that I was being moved to a different room.
The school has had to add a kindergarten class and thus put me and others in different areas to make room. It also looks like we will be expanding in the 6th grade area as well, but there are no more rooms. Not sure what will happen next week.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Buster's First Clothes

Cantaloupe anyone?

We have 10 cantaloupes ready to eat. If you want one just let me know.

I guess I missed one. I was wondering what she was doing outside.

Julie's Wedding

David and I went to Utah for a long weekend to enjoy time with his family, Julie's graduation, and her wedding!

19 weeks

Vernix caseosa, a greasy white substance made of lango, oil and dead skin cells now coats baby's skin, shielding it from the amniotic fluid. (Picture yourself after a nine-month bath, and the need for protection makes sense).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First days of school

So far it's been good. I'm very tired when I get home and go straight to sleep. I usually wake up and have dinner then go back to sleep. The job itself isn't tiring, although I am on my feet a lot in high heels. It is the honeymoon period but I don't expect any behavior problems from the kids I'm dealing with.
Yesterday there was a little problem with the lock on my door. I lock my room when I will be away from it for a while since I know of one student that will steal, although she's not one that I deal with this year I've had her in the past. (She stole the Assistant Principal's phone last year, called the superintendent and various other's that were saved on the phone.)Well at the end of the day yesterday I locked my door as I was off to car duty and when I came back I was unable to unlock the door. I was kind of panicked since my purse, car keys, and cell phone where in that room (that has no windows) and David was out of town. They ended up having to call maintenance and it was finally unlocked after an hour. The key guru is supposed to come today to actually fix it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

18 weeks

Baby has become amazingly mobile (at least compared to you), passing the hours yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Did you see that?

China's opening ceremony was amazing! We have it on our DVR if you missed it, just come on over. I wouldn't mind watching it again.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

School Days and Due Dates

I went to school today and am feeling more prepared for the first day of school already. It's easier when I'm using another person's room, because it's already stocked and pretty much ready to go. A lot of the teachers thought I was just visiting and were thrilled to know that I was staying for awhile.
Well, today was my due date for the first pregnancy and going to school was a good distraction. I only thought about it once today because I was so busy. I think it also helped that I got to tell everyone about our baby boy and when we are supposed to meet him.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eye color

Eye color is tricky. I've been researching it because I'm curious if it is possible for our child to have an eye color other than brown. I found this explanation (below) and this calculator. The calculator says that there is a 13.6% chance for blue, 13.6% chance for green, and 72.8% chance for brown.

Eye colour is not inherited via just one gene. DNA Canada has proposed an eye colour inheritance model that assumes there are six genes involved and each can either be for light or for dark eyes, with dark dominating light. In the model they propose seven eye colours varying from very light blue with 6 light genes and 0 dark genes to dark brown with 0 light genes and 6 dark genes. Hazel is the mid point with 3 genes of each type. The others are:blue (5 L, 1D), green (4L, 2D), light brown (2L, 4D) and brown (1L, 5D).You and your siblings inherited 3 genes from each parent. From mom, if eyes are light brown, child will inherit one of these combos:(2L, 1D), (1L, 2D), (0L,3D)And from dad, if eyes are light brown, child will inherit one of these combos:(2L, 1D), (1L, 2D), (0L,3D)
Adding the genes together, children could have any of the following combinations:
0L, 6D -- dark brown
1L, 5D -- brown
2L, 4D -- light brown
3L, 3D -- hazel
4L, 2D -- green

Teacher Reserves

I am supposed to be a stay at home mom/wife, but school is starting next week and I have gotten a call from both of my old schools to come back and help at the beginning of the year. I wish saying no was easier for me, but when someone says they need my help I just can't say no. I feel like I've been drafted into the Teacher Reserves, called into duty when needed. I love teaching but also want to make sure that I am doing the best thing for my baby too. I am so torn right now. I've prayed about going back to North Wayne as a full-time teacher for 6 weeks and felt God was pulling me to help my former students, but then I get a call from my Preschool this morning telling me they desperately need me. I think I'm going to stop answering the phone.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wet bag

I purchased this wet bag a couple weeks ago from and love it. It is sooo cute and functional. It can be used for wet diapers, swimsuits, or dirty cloths.

It's a boy!

Hilarious commercial, we haven't had a baby yet but I can't stop saying, "Itzaboy."

Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby deals

Went to Target today after going to the dentist and couldn't pass up these clearance items. Funny how shopping can make you feel better, even with a half numb mouth. Baby cap and booties-$1.24
Baby swimming trunks- $2.48
Baby socks-$0.98


David just left for a business trip. He'll be back Friday, but I'm feeling down and need to list some blessings.
  • David "worked" from home this morning, so I got to spend a little extra time with him.
  • Two dogs that will follow me anywhere.
  • Feeling the baby kick/punch really hard.

McKayden Noel Long

My best friend from high school, Cory, welcomed his baby girl on Friday, August 1, at 10:35pm. I am so excited for him and can't wait to meet her.

17 weeks

Baby's skeleton is hardening, changing from rubbery cartilage to bone, and fat is finally accumulating around it. The umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger, and those little fingers and toes are now topped by one-of-a-kind prints.

Friday, August 1, 2008


My food aversion is meat so David has decided to put me on protein shakes. Although I like seafood right now. The doctor says that's ok because protein is the only thing not covered in my vitamins. So with my love of seafood and protein shakes our baby is going to come out looking like Arnold and have the mind of Einstein.


I haven't blogged all week long because I am still amazed that there is a little baby boy growing in my tummy. I have been looking at the ultrasound pictures several times a day. It will take me awhile to come down from this one.
I saw this on another blog and thought I should start doing it too, because I am truely blessed and sometimes forget it.
  • Hummingbirds that come to visit my flowers.
  • Friends to get together with.
  • Husband that makes me breakfast.