Saturday, August 30, 2014

Around the world party!

Some of our friends on the other side of the neighborhood invited us over to their block for an around the world party. We had so much good food I can't even remember all of it. But here are some sketchy looking Italians.

A very cute Mexican.

And Nolan loved his Italian flag art. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Instructions for David

I was going to take a trip (it got cancelled) and David wanted me to look over his checklist and add anything he was forgetting. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pioneer Hat

David took Isaac to Conner Prairie and they decided to get this for Nolan. Daisy promptly attacked it. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Chinese School

Isaac just started Chinese School on Sundays. I'm so excited that he will be learning to speak, write, and read Chinese. David also went to Chinese school on the weekends when he was growing up. 

Go Girl Triathlon 2014

Saturday I completed my first triathlon! I thought this would be an activity that I would just check off my bucket list, but I loved it and want to do again. Kinda crazy. I loved the swimming and biking, not so much the "running" part. Then again I didn't do any running training. All of my training over the last few months was with swimming and biking because of my hurt foot. I ended up walking most of the running portion. 
This was such a great event. I loved that all the women were so encouraging and I felt pretty average as far as ability wise. As I was l leaving I saw the last person running and group of ladies around her cheering her on and running with her. I loved seeing this. 
I'd love to have some more friends compete with me next year. Aunt Julie (I guess I need to give you your bike back)? Mom?

My friend Elizabeth and her mom, Mary Anne (her first triathlon), did it! We all trained together and I was so thankful for Elizabeth's experience. 

One of my BRCA sisters competed too. Her first triathlon too. My boys came to cheer me on during the running portion. I LOVED having them come support me. It had me smiling the rest of the race. 

We finished and Chickfila had sandwiches for us.
 Nolan loved wearing my metal.
Now for my times- I was 333 out of 500 something; 43 out of my age group; swimming 18:31.3 (340); biking 46:42.2 (12.8 mph/313); running 47:41.3 (15:53.8/367); final time 1:58:52.7

Crazy Chicken

I was in the garden picking cucumbers and I heard a ruckus at this birch tree. So I went to investigate thinking it was a bird of prey after the chickens. Nope, it was one of our chickens and it was very close to escaping. This is our only chicken that likes to jump over the small fence into our garden and apparently it likes to roost pretty high in the trees. 

Walking with Isaac

After dinner Isaac has been asking to go for a walk and boy do I love this time with him. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bzzagent sent me this Elmo to try out with Nolan. It's ok. He likes that it sings and he can interact with Elmo. Like squeezing his nose to count along with him. I don't like that the off switch is where the batteries go and you have to unscrew the panel to turn it off. Also when he's done playing with it Elmo continues to try to engage him for what seems like eternity. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Bus Stop on the First Day

Nolan and I were waiting for Isaac to return home after his first day. I was hoping to get a picture of him getting off the bus since David took him to the bus in the morning and didn't get a good picture. Well it turns out that David took him to the wrong bus stop, therefore he got off at the wrong bus stop. Hence no Isaac picture.