Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Essential Oils

I started using essential oils about a year and a half ago. I purchased some from GNC and amazon in hopes of finding something that works with my skin. I went through a year of antibiotics to clear up my face from an allergic reaction from fluoride in my toothpaste. I've always been on a path of using healthier versions of things in our everyday life from lotions to snacks.
I finally found a lotion that works after trying numerous ones and David saying that our bathroom looks like CVS. I also found a goats milk soap at Whole Foods that my skin likes, which is also very expensive. Now I've found essential oils that help the whole family.
I've been using doTerra oils and Young Living oils and found that I like both of them. When you find something that works you want to share it with everyone. Well, I've been using lemon oil in water daily and since starting this my acid reflux has gone away. I no longer have to take prescription reflux medicine! It's been a few months too. I've been putting lavendar on the boys at night and at first Isaac said it stinks. He now comes to me asking for it. I have also used a blend of oils called Breathe on Isaac when he has a stuffy nose and it works instantly to help him breathe. For myself, I tend to have severe mood swings with PMS and have found that a blend called ClaryCalm helps instantly for me too.
I'm not into selling oils, just using it for my family but if you're in hearing more of our success stories let me know. When I was interested in finding out more information and getting set up buying them I had to turn to facebook to find someone to help me. That's why I have a link to my website if you want to order some. You may notice I just have one set up for doTerra simply because it is free to set up a webpage whereas with Young Living it cost $9.95 a month.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art)

Our next stop on our Saturday adventure was the IMA. They were supposed to have a craft available at 12 and we arrived at 1pm. When I went to the front desk to ask where to go they informed me that the craft time would not be starting until 2pm. At that point I wanted to just walk out and go home but stayed because I just paid $5 for parking. Next time I will go with my instinct. 
We walked around a couple of exhibits to look at painting and artifacts. Then we visited the small children's area to make some art. Nolan decided to tape his art to the table for future visitors to see. 

Then Nolan wanted to ride the elevator, so we did. Isaac liked looking at the modern art and wanted me to take pictures of him with it. 

In this picture is where things took a turn. You can see Isaac looking at Nolan, who just sat on a piece of art. The security people told him not to and then had to call it in. I guessing they had to make sure the art wasn't damaged, but it looked like a tower of blocks and also looked impossible to damage by leaning on it. Nolan is a lot like me and got upset (defensive) when he got called out. We then tried to see more exhibits but Nolan was too upset. He started hitting me, which led to me dragging him out of the exhibit and trying to talk to him. That didn't help so I then had to drag him from the 4th floor to the parking garage.  

I then drove to 100 Acres and talked with Nolan some more to assure him that I wasn't mad/still loved him but he needs to listen when I tell him not to do something like touch the art.

Throwing rocks at a frozen puddle. 

As we were leaving we saw a chicken under the bridge, in the city. Isaac wanted me to rescue it. Not happening. I'm not running around 38th street after a rooster that looks to be doing ok. We decided this is a wild chicken.