Saturday, May 1, 2010

More craftiness-crinkle wipes and hooded towel

Anytime Isaac gets his hands on a wipe box, the wipes end up everywhere. So I decided to make his some that crinkle. I used his old newborn washcloths and cellophane. This is something I wanted to make a while ago but never got around to it until now. I hope he prefers playing with them instead of the real wipes. I also whipped up a monkey hooded towel. You might be wondering why all the craftiness. Well David has been gone for 3 days hiking and camping, and when he's gone I tend to paint the house or move furniture. But this time I decided to do some of the projects on my list.


  1. Great ideas! I need the tutorial for the towel. We have a monkey bathroom with two monkey hooks that some monkeys like those would look great hanging around on.

  2. That towel is adorable!! We replaced our 9-year-old towels and I would love to use the old ones to do crafty stuff like that. I might have to get some pointers when I finally get around to that. Your post is so me, Jason has absolutely come home after a 3-day business trip to find a room completely painted. Lol.


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