Thursday, May 13, 2010


Poor little guy woke up with a fever and isn't feel well. I'm thinking I'm going to spend my birthday watching Curious George. Note to self: don't go the Children's Museum if you want to go on a date in the next week.
Mid morning he started crying and nothing I was doing would get him to stop. Then he threw-up, what seemed to be half his weight in chunky milk. We quickly made our way upstairs and into the shoCheck Spellingwer before he threw-up again. Have you ever tried to wash a 30 pound slippery baby while holding him? It's pretty tough. So I'm holding him in the shower and singing to him, just letting the water run over his back. Then I look at his face and he's asleep! I attempt to put a diaper on him and put him in his crib while not waking him, but that didn't happen. Once I get him settled and asleep again. I make my way to clean up our mess in the bathroom and I keep smelling yucky milk. Then I look in the mirror, and it's in my hair. Oh boy is this going to be a fun day. When he wakes up we'll be going to CVS for Motrin and Tylenol since the bottles we have are recalled.

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  1. haha. the best quote from this entry: Oh boy is this going to be a fun day. OH BOY. I hope it clears up in the next few hours so you can party like crazy tomorrow.


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