Thursday, July 8, 2010

Taking a break

The situation with our friend, Becky, has really rocked our church family and ourselves. She's an athletic woman and their seems to be no reason that this would happen. It's been hard to understand why God would do this but our Pastor had an awesome sermon this past Sunday to address it, you are welcome to listen to it here. I also visited a mega church the week before and their sermon was on death. It was an excellent sermon that made me more comfortable with the subject. It can be viewed here on the left. I am very uncomfortable with death and usually try to get away when someone close is to dying or recently died. I can see God working my life right now, which is usually hard to see in the moment. I can see prayers getting answered with our friend.
She had the heart pump removed and they did an MRI. She does have some brain damage and looks like it is in the area of vision. She will likely not be able to see. It's a miracle she's made it this far and I know God will continue to work in her life. Her and her husband's family are not Christians, but they have said that they can see God's work happening too.
With all this happening, it's made us think about our partners in a different way and I feel that I've taken a break from all my worries and just prayed. It has been a little bit more stressful around here with Becky on our minds, but I appreciate all that my husband does even we take these stresses out on each other. As I've been talking with my sisters in the church they see this situation making a difference in their home too. One sister said her husband has been more caring and appreciative of her work in the home. I hope you can see God working in your life and continue to pray.

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