Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why fly when you can drive?

Isaac and I would have gotten to SC a lot quicker if we would have just flown, but my nerves would have been shot and I'd probably need some heavy drugs after landing. It took us 10 1/2 hours to drive down, which isn't too bad considering when he and I drove down last year it took us 12 hours. I much prefer driving since we can stop at McDonalds Playplace and Chickfila's indoor playground all along the way. We ended up stopping every 30 minutes to and hour between me using the bathroom and him needing snacks. It was difficult at first because I wanted to help him when he was telling me Uh oh, but if I stopped every time and helped him with what ever issue he was having we would have never made it out of Indiana. The trip was relatively uneventful, only one call the to on call doctor. By the time we got to SC Isaac had styled his hair with apple juice and was a sticky mess, but very happy. We also brought down a huge bag of tomatoes and cucumbers for the family.
So far Isaac's had a blast playing with Granny, Grumpy, and Pawpaw. So far I've only gotten pictures with Pawpaw, hopefully I get some of Granny and Grumpy dancing with him soon. Quick side note, the beans from his sensory box are sprouting.


  1. Just let him played with his your parent.. It's fun actually..

  2. way to go ! did isaac like the weenie dog?


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