Sunday, April 24, 2011

Egg hunt

David and Isaac went out to get breakfast and while they were gone the Easter Bunny came by and left some treats. Isaac was so excited about the golf set and wanted to play right away. Then he discovered that the eggs had treats inside. His favorite were the sesame sticks. The goldfish he made into a pile, and the chocolate covered berries he gave to David. After he found most of the eggs and bobbers he discovered he had an Easter basket filled with goodies including a chocolate bunny, which he tried but think it was that great. The last picture is of him asking me for more eggs, I gave him some direction on where to look then he resorted to calling for them by yelling "Eggs!" David said we should hide eggs more often because it kept Isaac occupied for at least and hour.
We had such a wonderful family oriented Easter and can't wait to do it again. We really enjoyed the Saturday night Easter service with friends as well.

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  1. isaac's easter was remarkably similar to mine. except he got a nice set of clubs. haha. jk. i just ate a LOT of candy and oreos. great photos.


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