Monday, April 16, 2012

First Steps Evaluation

I was glad the evaluators got to see Nolan eat breakfast because I feel like I'm constantly trying to describe his eating to everyone but they can't picture what I see. The evaluators said that he puts the food in his mouth to soften but doesn't chew, therefore he has low muscle tone in his mouth and needs OT help for this once a week. The occupational therapist will also work with him on his mouth sensory issues.
They played with him for awhile and determined that he also has low muscle tone on the lower part of his legs. For this he will be receiving PT help twice a month. The physical therapist should be able to show me exercises to do with him to help him figure out how to pull up and start walking. I'm excited we are on our way to seeing more progress. Now lets just hope we get a couple of therapist with experience.

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