Monday, April 16, 2012

Revision Surgery

I haven't updated you guys as to what's going on with my chest lumps. So, one is higher than the other and since I look like a freak when I'm not wearing layers, I'm having a revision surgery May 18. The implants are exactly the same size, 425cc's, they just are lined up. I met with the plastic surgeon this past Friday to make sure we were on the same page and he pretty much said that as long as I give him consent to do what he thinks will work he'll try his best. We went over what this might be and I'm ok with the various solutions. He plans on moving them to line them up and to hopefully cover up the mastectomy divot. He still encouraged me to go bigger and said that would help cover up the divots. I don't want to go bigger and know there are other solutions, one is to inject fat in the area to fill it in. If he feels that this is necessary, then I may come out with a smaller, and very sore, tummy.
May 18 is the last day of school for Isaac and David will have just gotten back from his trip to Taiwan. So this week and next I'm interviewing nannies. I'm actually pretty excited about it and have high hopes that we (David and I) may be able to go out on a date eventually. Not sure why I haven't visited before to find some mother's helpers aka babysitters.

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  1. Glad you have a surgeon you can trust. Is the recovery expected to be somewhat easier this time? And sounds very cool!


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