Friday, June 25, 2010

Isaac's Fun Around the Resort

The resort had a few photographers on staff and they would walk around the resort and take pictures and you have the option of getting them or not. Since we did the family session we bought the CD and added all the pictures on CD. This first one is of him at Baby Club. Swimming in the pool, he is now very good at blowing bubbles underwater and scaring mama. He loved putting his fingers in the crab holes and just dig in the sand. He did not attempt to eat the sand. Us lounging in a poolside bed. Making a tie dye shirt with Daddy. Watching a puppet show. Saying hi to the crab that tried to sneak into our room. Watching TV in his room because the afternoons were too hot to be outside and their pools are heated. Checking out one the many playgrounds. Just chillin Discovering where banana's come from, touching them then running for mama. Playing in the ocean with Daddy. The wave got him, click on the picture to see that he never dropped his sippy cup. It was still in his mouth when he was picked up. I'm still cleaning sand out of his ears from this fall. He loved calling the front desk.

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