Monday, June 28, 2010

Shredded paper and ice

You know how I put corn in his sand/water/sensory table? Well, the corn started growing. Who knew Orville's popping corn would actually grow? Not me. I thought I'd try out shredded paper next and that was fun for about an hour and now our yard is covered in it. At least is compostable, so it should go away soon hopefully. I now have pinto beans in the table, at least when those start to grow they will have pretty flowers.
I also put ice in his baby pool, which Dorito loves. Dorito thinks ice is a treat and Isaac is happy to feed the dogs treats. Isaac wasn't too keen on the ice in his pool so he brought me the hose. He also drag all his stuff to the yard, I wish I knew what he was thinking sometimes.

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  1. That picture of Isaac holding the hose is TOO CUTE! What a great picture. And the shredded paper is a great idea. Have you tried bubbles? Put dish soap in a little bit of water in a tub and them mix them with a hand mixer you will get TONS of thick, dense bubbles. So fun!


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