Monday, February 14, 2011

33 week doctor appointment

****WARNING: Graphic Post****
I met with my doctor today and we talked about a concern that David brought up. David wants me to consider a c-section because of the 3rd degree tearing that I had from Isaac. I think his words were that he doesn't want me to wear diapers for the rest of my life. I though he was exaggerating until I talked with the doctor today. I guess it is a real possibility since reconstructive surgery for the anus and rectum are nearly as good as reconstructive surgery for the vagina. I had 3rd degree tearing into my sphincter with Isaac, which healed nicely. Luckily I did not having tearing into my rectum, which does not heal nicely. At this point in my pregnancy with Isaac he was in the 70 percentile, this baby is in the 79 percentile. The doctor is suggesting that I consider the option of a c-section, but she wants to make sure that I have no regrets with whatever option I choose. She did inform me that all of her patients that have had a c-sections after having 3rd or 4th degree tears said that recovery was a breeze. She also said that after a c-section most of her patients were off narcotics within 10 days and that I would definitely need help for two weeks. She informed me that she likes to do c-sections in the 39 week and threw out the date of March 24. I guess this is God's way of answering my prayer about not looking forward to labor with an enormous baby. Those stretch marks really do show up when using a flash, yuck! They are now multiplying daily, double yuck!

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  1. I don't think I can call Gummy, Gummy anymore! Hang in there, Amy!!


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