Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Wow, was I surprised. My husband surprised me with a card and earrings first thing in the morning then I had to go get ready for my doctor's appointment. While I was getting ready, Isaac came into the bathroom caring a flower, sniffing it and a card. He was adorable, I wish I had his entrance on video because I want to remember it forever. I love that my husband is teaching our son to be wonderfully thoughtful. Then as Isaac and I were leaving I noticed the flowers in the kitchen. My husband is absolutely perfect for me, because I love surprises and he can keep these surprises a secret.
While David was at work, Isaac and I went to work making his valentine. Isaac loves using scissors and is getting really good at it even though he left handed. Also Isaac sort of helped make heart shaped rice krispie treats. He mostly ate marshmallows, but occasionally stirred.

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