Friday, October 28, 2011

First Steps Evaluation

Today Isaac got evaluated by the First Steps team again. This time I really liked the team and so did Isaac. He had so much fun playing with them that he didn't want them to let. They even showed me some exercises to do with Nolan to help him get moving (flipping over, since he only did it that once). Their findings on Isaac where exactly what I knew, he's delayed in speech. Their advice on exercises are things that we've been doing since before he was talking. Next step will be meeting with the school district and then getting evaluated by them. His speech is getting better but he's still not forming his lips so he's hard to understand at times. But he is potty trained! His teachers were so impressed by him yesterday because he told them he had to go potty, but they didn't understand what he was saying. So he shouted it at them, and then there was no question what he needed. I'm super proud of him too.

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  1. So Glad it's just Speech, and that you are all on top of it. It's so Wonderful to have a Cooperative Team of folks set on getting the best help for your boy!


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