Friday, March 30, 2012

1 Year Dr. Appt

Weight 24 lbs 6 oz.; 97 percentile
Length: 32 in.; 98 percentile
Head Size: 47cm; 76 percentile
He did not gets shots because he has a cold. So I'll be taking him in next week for shots.
Nolan is working puzzles, slowing eating more table food, jabbering (says got it, get it, and goggy for doggy). He enjoys feeding himself and will try new foods if we are eating them. He sticks his tongue out to taste it first before deciding if it is worthy of eating. His favorite person is daddy and has to be picked up by David as soon as he gets home. He's now drinking milk instead of formula.
Now onto what he's not doing. He's not pulling up to a standing position or cruising around furniture. He will not drink from a sippy cup. He'll bite it but won't suck, therefore he's still on the bottle. Nolan's also not saying Mama and Dada. Looking at his list of things he's not doing the doctor is recommending that First Steps evaluate him in all areas, speech, OT, PT, and development therapy. Although the doctor also said that he is a very chill baby. So chill that my friend says he's like Bob Marley and just wants to bang on his drum all day. He's chill until his brother comes around. I think Isaac was his motivator for crawling. Nolan crawls towards Isaac, then Isaac starts yelling "No baby!" Nolan can be across the room and Isaac is convinced that Nolan is coming for his toys. We're working on being nice to Nolan and sharing toys with him. I'm pretty sure Nolan loves making Isaac scream.

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  1. I'm sorry Nolan needs First Step too, but they are Wonderful and so Helpful. We got so much benefit from them with Chris: he had all those therapies too.


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