Friday, March 16, 2012

Some new foods and an allergy

Today we tried some eggs after he refused to eat Banana Orange Medley and Apple Blueberry. He liked the eggs, but then he started to turn red around his mouth and then got bumps (hives)! So I called the doctor and I though it was the oranges in the Banana Orange Medley. Then I looked at the label of the Banana Orange Medley and it consist of Banana Puree, Mango Puree, and on down the list is orange juice. He's really allergic to Mango, which David is also allergic to.

He's been giving me a hard time when it comes to feeding. He now won't eat any vegetables, which were his favorite, and has recently preferred fruits, but now he wants to eat solid foods. The problem is that he still gags and is still trying to learn to chew and swallow. As you can see he isn't starving. So I'm not that worried about his eating yet. He seems to have a sensory problem with his mouth, whereas, Isaac has a problem touching foods of different texture. I'm glad that Nolan doesn't have a problem picking up bananas or other wet foods. In contrast Isaac likes to use a fork to eat chicken nuggets so he doesn't have to pick them up.

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