Thursday, September 27, 2012


Nolan likes to walk around with random things in his hand and when he comes across something else he'd like to hold, he puts down what he was holding and picks up the new thing. He has also started just leaving things in random places and I'm not sure if it's intentional or not. For example, Nolan found a rock in the backyard and carried it in and put it in Isaac's shoe. Is he doing his brotherly love thing or just thought it was a cool place to put the rock? I found a bag of muffins in my vegetable crisper drawer in the fridge. Not sure when he put it there, but I know it was him. I just found the phone that had been missing for two weeks, it was in the seat of a ride on toy. We are still missing one of his shoes and I'm not even sure that's still in the house anymore because he also likes to put things in the trashcan. For instance, we were at the doctor and Nolan was playing with the items in my purse while we were in the waiting room. He grabbed a new pack of gum from my purse and just started wandering around, but then the trashcan caught his eye and I could tell what he was going to do next. I told him no, but he just put it in the trashcan and turned to me laughing. By the way I did not get the new pack of gum out of the trash at the doctor's office, ewww.

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