Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Cookies

Thank you Aunt Julie for the cookie cutters. They are supposed to be used for cookies to stand up, but we used them with sugar cookies just to decorate. I didn't get any pictures of them using the cookie cutters, but I did get them decorating them. Isaac thought they were delish, Nolan was just interested in using all the sprinkles. 


  1. omigosh. i, too, am just interested in using all the sprinkles. i like the way nolan thinks.

  2. yaaaay for a long time my web browser wouldnt let me comment. it is working now. also, when i browse your blog on my phone it wont let me comment. thats why i have been quiet. looks like they fixed the bug.

  3. I love that you let him use all of the sprinkles!

    And Julie...I'm glad that the commenting problem is fixed too!


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