Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 2 on the Carnival Magic

Camp Carnival! We dropped off the kids and they seemed to have fun. There was a monitor for us to look at outside of the Camp Carnival room. Isaac is in a blue shirt with the dump truck he dominated all week and Nolan is in the orange shirt. 

Mama and I went to a shopping seminar and got to watch crazy people trample each other to pay $25 for a coupon book. 

Formal dinner night! I love dressing up since I rarely get to and I love seeing my handsome husband dressed up.

Grand Yehyeh was getting into the music and swinging his napkin around with some of the other passengers. 

We also celebrated Grand Yehyeh's birthday a little early.

The boys loved the towel creations waiting for us at night.

Nolan loved the water park and really wanted to go down the bigger slides, a couple more years until he's tall enough for those. Isaac loved the water slides on the first couple days then didn't want to do them anymore. 

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