Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 6 Carnival Magic Cozumel

Many pictures on this post. I'll start with the ones from my camera then on to David's camera. 
Isaac and I went on an excursion to some Mayan temples at Tulum. 
We were the first off the boat.

And got to see all the people dressed in costume to make some money off of tourist by charging for pictures with them.

Can you see Mama, Baba, and David?

We had to take a ferry ride to Cancun. On this ride I discovered that Isaac gets seasick.

Our tour guide Raul.

Isaac sleeping on the bus ride to the Mayan ruins. 

I think Isaac's favorite part was the beach where he found a lot of treasures. 

An iguana eating seaweed. 

And a little girl that wanted to show us how she catches the iguanas. 

Isaac figuring out where the rooms of the house where.

Isaac begged me for one of these. We did not leave with one.

Our ferry boat back to Cozumel was late so we got to see the other cruise ships leaving. 

David captured another cruise ship parking next to us. 

And Isaac and I leaving.

Also us returning. It was a long hot day. 

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