Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Granny and Grumpy put money into a college fund for our boys as a birthday present for them. After getting off the phone with them I told him he was going to college. He asked what college is and we tried to explain that its a school you go to when you are older and then you start your own family. Later that night, 6 hours later, he came into my room after he was tucked in and looked like he was going to cry. I asked him what's wrong and he just shook his head no. Then he started crying and between his hyperventilating cries I picked up something along the lines of not wanting to go to another family. Poor guy. I hugged him and tried not to laugh while comforting him. David had to cough to cover up his laughing. So we won't be bring up college anytime soon.

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  1. Poor guy! That has me giggling too. Michael did the same thing though when I told him he would have to move out of our house when he went to college.
    What a great birthday present!!


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