Monday, April 14, 2014

A day at the beach

With no beach involved. David played this train card game with the boys daily.

Nolan just wanted to ride the elevator all day. 

He picked up a chocolate muffin from the breakfast social and pretty much just took it for a walk all morning and called it a cupcake.

Isaac setting the table for dinner.

And Nolan undoing it.

Can you see the silverware he has in his pocket?

Nolan loved his birthday decorations.

Showing me the silverware he stole off the table.

David attempting to start a fire since we didn't have matches for his candle.

We sang Happy Birthday to him and he loved it.

Took one bite of his cupcake and that was enough.

Opening presents from Granny and Grumpy.

A birthday basket from Marriott

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