Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A great day for losing my mind

I woke up angry, that never makes for a good morning. Then was greeted by a poopy diaper that ended up getting on Isaac's foot and hand. Next was breakfast where Isaac wanted nothing to do with anything I was trying to feed him. Out of frustration I just gave him a piece of banana and he ate most of it. Then he fed himself some graham crackers. Afterwards he had a bath in the kitchen sink.
At times I feel like I'm already failing as parent and we have many years of parenting ahead of us. This is one of those times. Instead of being consistent with teaching him sign language, I accept Isaac's version of "finished" which is throwing the food to the dogs. Isaac's pulling up on everything now. He actually stood without holding on to anything for a couple of seconds. Getting on the floor and playing with him always changes my mood for the better.


  1. I was always horrible at enforcing things like that too... I always let my kids get away with things rather than forcing them to "tell" me in whatever way they could.

  2. I think as moms we all have those moments and those days! Ugh! However, you are FAR FAR FAR from ever failing as a parent! You are doing a great job! I skimped on signing off and on with Graham too...and I can't tell you how many times food was on the floor and I about lost it for food being on the floor :). haha. Its all just apart of it and you are doing great! On days like those skip all that stuff you are "supposed" to do and just enjoy him....your right it will make it better! The other day I let graham climp up all the slides at the park while another parent was making thier kid stop...guess I was the bad parent..but he had never done it and it was great for gross motor :) oops!


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