Thursday, September 17, 2009


Grumpy was kind enough to watch Isaac while we went on a 3 hour shrimping tour. We were so excited to get our bounty of shrimp that we were planning out all the ways were going to cook it. We caught many things but not that much shrimp. I forgot to mention there were 14 people on board that were expecting shrimp for dinner. Mom was awesome at popping their heads of with one hand. David was pretty good too. This was the entire lot of shrimp that was caught for the boat. So we had a trivia lotto and David won! We had shrimp scampi and peel and eat shrimp.

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  1. eww!!!!!! i don't think i would have survived between not liking any seafood and getting sea sick! haha! looks like you had a great time! glad you won your shrimp!


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