Sunday, August 29, 2010

Charleston and Folly Beach

Julie and Aaron's trip to the states gave us an excuse to take a vacation and rent a house at Folly. We wish you guys safe travels to your new home and hopefully we'll see you next year.
It was nice that Isaac had a playmate with their son and we had a house to use to access the beach. It was also a very nice gathering place. I love seeing my friends from college and miss living in Charleston, but until we retire a yearly visit will have to do.
Isaac got to play with little crabs, watch David fish, touch all sorts of sea life, make sand castles, see cannons, and all sorts of other stuff that I neglected to take pictures of. One thing I don't want to forget is how excited Isaac got when the Chickfila cow waved at him. I'm not sure he understood that it wasn't a real cow.
It was pretty easy going down to SC but the drive back was long, 14 hours, and not something I want to do anytime soon. It was a nice vacation for all us and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a rough week this week since Isaac got used to David being home.

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  1. Great pictures! We so loved seeing you guys and had a wonderful time just hanging out and relaxing. Isaac was too cute. We too miss Charleston and treasure our trips back there, as often as we can get there. Btw, we made an offer on a house! It's a short sale, so we have to wait and see. But one step closer to home...


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