Thursday, August 19, 2010

That explains a lot

Yup, I took three home tests and went to the doctor for a blood test not believing these three. I never thought it would happen without the assistance of drugs, but it has and I'm thanking God everyday. We are thrilled that we will be expecting a new little one early April.
This explains why I couldn't stand the smell of the fish food and why I got a George Foreman grill one morning to make waffles, instead of the waffle maker.
So far this pregnancy has been very different from the first two. I never craved hamburgers or had an insatiable thirst for water, which was an indication that I was pregnant before. I am constantly nauseous and gag at the sight of cheese now. David has been amazing so far, taking care of Isaac a lot so I can rest. David gets so excited when he sees that I'm not feeling well and I love it. We are over the moon at this point and can't wait to see this little one in an ultrasound soon.


  1. congrats! so excited for you guys! God is so good! :)

  2. Congratulations! What a blessing. God is so faithful... my husband, David and I have always said he is NOT silent when it comes to us reproducing! We went through a year of fertility treatments before we got pregnant and.... twins! Then we thought his plan was for us to adopt, we started the process when He said "Nope, your pregnant, surprise!". I'll be praying for you and your family. I'm so excited for you, Amy.

  3. yay!! I am so Happy that I cry everytime we talk about it..Tears of joy that is.. I have been praying for you since before isaac!! that all your dreams of being an amazing mother would come true bc you more than anybody derserve all the children in the world!!! I love you sooo sooo much and I wish I could spend more time with you and my precious little nephew.. Is is such a sweet sweet boy and I know with out a doubt in my mind he will be the best big brother.. I can't wait to meet the new baby.. (i hope its a little princess!!!) but a prince would be just fine too!!! I will talk to you soon I love you and kiss the family for me and rub sweet pea good for me also...Love you more than you will ever know.
    Love me always,
    your sissy

  4. Yippee!! So... I had to look up what being "over the moon" meant. I thought it was a gestational milestone or something. Must just be a South Carolina girl phrase!!! I'm OVER THE MOON TOO!

    --Izee's Auntie

  5. Omigoodness! I am SO HAPPY for you Amy! I have been thinking about you and praying for you since I hadn't gotton any emails recently about expanding your family. I love your blog and am excited about your pregnancy journey! I am over the moon too!


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