Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Behind Blogging

I'm behind blogging for a few reasons. One is this guy got Hand, Foot, Mouth in just his mouth. So he was out of school for 3 days. Then Isaac threw up. Now Nolan is out of school again for throwing up yesterday. At least they are taking turns and not sick at the same time. 

 Another reason is I've had a rash on my arm that started on my face during Fall Break. I think I've finally figured out what caused it, my new retainer has metal on it and I'm highly allergic to nickel. I'm on my second round of prednisone and it seems to have finally kicked it. I was so itchy for a couple of weeks and it was only getting worst after the first round because my body was going crazy. 
And the other reasons for my absence have been PSG, book club, freezer meal club, and laundry. Hopefully I can catch up soon. 

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