Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Daisy it is

I brought Daisy home this afternoon and boy is she a handful. Minutes after we were in my car she started chewing everything in sight, a tongue depressor, a plastic fork, and a paint sample. I couldn't get to the pet store fast enough. I was a little naive in thinking she would just fall asleep like Dorito did, but I was way wrong. She had great fun in the pet store, trying to get petted by everyone she passed and sniffing every bone at her level. I got a few bones that Dorito liked as a puppy when he was teething. In the car I opened one and she wanted the tongue depressors instead. So I opened another one and she didn't want it either. Luckily the third one she liked and chewed the entire ride home, which was 30 minutes. Since we got home she has been running around like a crazy woman. She's been trying to get Dorito to play with her but right now he just growls. I know he'll warm up eventually. She hasn't noticed the cat yet but the cat has noticed her. Coach is just sitting on the counter watching Daisy. Right now I'm typing with a dog on either side of me. Dorito is sleeping and she is watching TV. I added a picture of Dorito's new collar, David got it in NY for Valentine's Day.


  1. Daisy is SO cute! :) Looks like you have your hands full!!!

  2. DAISY IS CUTE. and destructive! I love reading your blog!


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