Sunday, February 24, 2008

What did you do this weekend?

Well, Friday I set an alarm for 11:15 so I could pick up David from the airport. I attempted to sleep Saturday since I have a cold, but it is very difficult to sleep when a puppy is jumping on you. Saturday night we went to a Cambodian party, a friend is going on a mission trip to Cambodia. Great food and games at the party. Then waited on AAA to change a flat tire. After that was fixed we were off to see the Indiana Ice play hockey and fight. This was just Saturday.
Sunday I worked at the zoo on Hickory Hill Drive. It started with Daisy peeing in the kitchen, she couldn't quite make it to the door. A few hours later she pooped in the living room. Then I find that Coach, the cat, peed and pooped in our room. After cleaning our room I go to the kitchen to make lunch and step in something warm on the rug, I'm assuming it's pee. So David spent most of Sunday steam cleaning the carpet, while I constantly did laundry. I feel like I know what it is like to work at the zoo now. Make food, clean up poop, and wash rags all day long.
Daisy has yet to figure out the doggy door. She now goes to it when she has to go potty, she's learning! She refuses to go potty for David, just tries to run back inside to follow me around. David and her bonded this weekend but he's off again this week to Boston and Chicago. I'm curious if she'll remember him when he gets back Friday night/Saturday morning. We are trying to figure out what she's mixed with, if you have a guess you then click on comment link below. She's starting do get black dots like a Dalmatian. We know that her mom was a Chihuahua because we met her but she's already 3 times as big as her mom. Below is a video of Daisy and Dorito playing. He is great with her and tries to protect her from Coach, although she doesn't need protecting. He is feeling young again, because he is playing with toys he hasn't played with in 5 years.

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