Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Having fun losing money...

Our trip to Vegas was fun but tiring. We tried to fit a lot of activities in 2 days. We saw a Cirque show, which was amazing. I recommend seeing any Cirque show if you ever have the opportunity. There was a Chinese New Year celebration that we visited on Sunday the 17th, our anniversary. We also went to see the Fremont light show. Of course we gambled, David found that he enjoys craps, but I think he would like any game where he wins money. I enjoyed playing slots, the penny and nickel slots were tons of fun because you get to play longer eventhough you don't win much. I got to do a little shopping at the Adidas store and found that I have two different sized feet. So I was not able to get the shoes that I wanted because I would have to buy two pairs. It seems that we didn't take that many pictures. In fact it looks like we only took pictures the first few hours we were there.

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